• Compressed air blow out, removing all dust from carpets, fabrics and hard to reach places.

  • Interior trim rejuvenated and protected with a UV protectant and plastic wipe down - with the option of either a Matte or Gloss finish.

  • Carpets and mats vacuumed, then spot cleaned for stains.

  • Fabric seats cleaned, shampooed and all stains removed.

  • Leather seats deep cleaned, restored and conditioned.

  • Windows cleaned

  • Full interior steam cleaned 

  • A neutralising deodoriser to remove all odours.

  • Air freshener to give your vehicle that fresh new car smell.

*Forensic Extractions - eg. Dog Hair, Liquid Spills, Soils etc. range from $50-100

   *Speak to our staff onsite about Scratch Fixing, Headlight Rejuvenations, Door Handle Revival and Dent Repair